Slaughterhouse Equipment and machinery

Very occasionally, the description of a company as ‘unique’ looks as if it might be justified. Over 10 years Vestavia has developed a set of skills which have embedded it as a supplier to different technology organizations. The company core strength lies in its ability to provide the fabricated structures - include high accuracy; Vestavia success is based on expertise in welding, and use of highly rigid machine tool technology.

Vestavia is a wide range of metal processing company, which manufactures a complete cattle, pig slaughterhouse and all connected with its accessories. We offer high quality range of cattle and pigs for abattoir equipment and further processing. We offer introduction of new technologies to grow the quality of your products.

  • Machines and lines for slaughter
  • bleeding lines
  • Swine and cattle stunning boks
  • Conveyors and transporters
  • Suspension lifts and conveyors
  • Lines and tables for cutting
  • Line of finished goods warehouses

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