Turning and Milling works

Metalworking company "Vestavia" take all kinds of turning and milling work at a high professional level.

Parts are manufactured on the German and on the Japanese CNC machine tools. Mechanically the machine tool can handle up to 600mm diameter 1000mm long parts with 0.01mm accuracy.

One of the company's priorities are different levels of difficulty cnc turning and cnc machining works. We perform turning and milling works from the Customer's sketches, drawings or part examples. Orders for machining parts accepted in any quantities.

  • Processing in small or medium batch quantities
  • Serial production in the long run
  • Experimental production of components in a single copy

In order to achieve maximum accuracy in the manufacturing of the parts, milling and drilling, we use the highest best available quality tools. We guarantee the highest quality of executing precision turning, milling and drilling services on modern CNC and universal turning machines. Company Vestavia have big potential to treat a wide range of high-quality shapes (cylindrical, conical shape) parts and assemblies, using of highly rigid machine tool technology.


Motor and generator shaft manufacturing

Vestavia will produce your mechanical part to print specifications at our state-of-the-art shaft manufacturing facilities in Riga, Latvia

Whether you have a complete shaft design in mind or you need help with the process, our Engineering team is ready to review your OEM shaft drawings for production capabilities in the hundreds to thousands.

In conclusion, making high quality shafts is a challenge. From the important material composition to sharp angles that require tight tolerances to final machined part surface that must be hard enough to withstand large stress operations. Trust us with your shaft manufacturing, especially if your project requires complex machining and grinding services.

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